Doug Angell Testimonial Portland OregonJonathan

Got your mail and final settlement and wanted to sincerely say thank you very much for going the extra mile and getting the max you could for me. Working with you and your team was really awesome and easy process. Your referral to that chiropractor was really key in calming down the symptoms and subsequently getting referred to pain management. If I have any future legal needs or anyone to refer to you I definitely will! Please extend my gratitude to your team as well as they were all great to work with. I will leave 5 star review for you when I have some time.  Hope all is well for you and take care.

Doug Angell Testimonial Portland Oregonanonymous

I want you to know how pleased and impressed I am with your representation in this matter. The results you achieved exceeded my expectations. Everything was handled expeditiously and, you kept me well informed throughout the process. I also want to point out how professional and personable all of your staff are. All of my communication with them was handled professionally and expeditiously. They were so easy to work with. Rest assured, I would not hesitate to call you in the future for any legal representation needs we may have. I am also going to communicate my satisfaction to*****, who referred me to you. Their recommendation was well founded.

Doug Angell Testimonial Portland OregonHolly & Rob

Thank you, received your check today and you did an amazing job. Appreciated it.

Doug Angell Testimonial Portland OregonJessica

I am so glad you will be able to help Daniel. Honestly I give your information out at least once a month. I am involved with a lot of moms groups and neighborhood groups too. The moment anybody breathes a word of needing a personal injury lawyer I offer up your contact information and tell them my experience with your office. I wholeheartedly believe that word of mouth is the best kind of review. I much rather hear people’s opinions and experiences than just reading random google reviews.

Doug Angell Testimonial Portland OregonJames

Doug has represented my company for over a year now. He is honest and dependable. I am well satisfied with his ethics and integrity.

Doug Angell Testimonial Portland OregonTrish

Douglas is amazing and has always answered my questions. For a single mom who needed some serious help from a car accident, he was there with legal answers.

Doug Angell Testimonial Portland OregonMischa

Effective, professional, and efficient.

Doug Angell Testimonial Portland Oregon

Well – I guess there isn’t much to discuss. Other than to point out the obvious which is you’re very good at what you do – and we sincerely appreciate it.

Doug Angell Testimonial Portland Oregon

“Thank you! You have been great.”

Doug Angell Testimonial Portland Oregon

“Thank you so much Doug! I appreciate all that you have done for my family these past years. Blessings!”.

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