Been HURT in an — Auto Collision…

Top 10 Reasons Why I Should Hire An Attorney

  1. You’ve been in a car accident and you are injured. An attorney will protect you and help make sure ALL of your reasonable costs are covered. Many injuries from car accidents plague their victims for weeks, months and even YEARS. An attorney will help you manage these difficult circumstances by fighting for fair compensation for you.
  2. The insurance company for the other driver is not willing to talk about, “DIMINISHED VALUE” for your car after the repairs are complete. Or, you don’t know what “DIMINISHED VALUE” is. An attorney will make sure that this important element of damages is addressed.
  3. For car accidents, a lawyer won’t charge a fee unless you get compensation for your injuries.
  4. A lawyer helps make sure that the insurance company will be responsible for paying your medical bills, wage loss, automobile damage, pain and suffering and any other related costs. The lawyer’s fee is based upon a percentage of your recovery, usually excluding whatever is recovered for medical expenses.
  5. The other driver did not have insurance. You still have rights! An attorney will protect you from paying any unnecessary costs that should be covered by your insurance company.
  6. The insurance company for the other driver is ignoring you. They may be ignoring you, but they will not ignore an attorney.
  7. It has been more than a year since your crash and you are still not better. This is very common and those that hire an attorney to protect them have a much better chance of receiving the care that they need without paying out of pocket.
  8. Your insurance company is not paying your bills. An attorney can pursue the insurer to ensure your reasonable medical expenses are paid for according to the terms of your insurance policy and the law.
  9. This is your first automobile collision. Insurance adjustors handle
    hundreds of car accidents each year. They receive extensive training to ensure that the insurance company’s interests are protected. A lawyer makes sure you know which forms to fill out, what benefits you are entitled to, who it is “safe” to talk to, where you can have repairs completed on your vehicle, and what your medical treatment options may be. A lawyer makes sure that your interests are protected.
  10. You want fair compensation for your injuries. Insurance adjustors know that you do not handle hundreds of car accident cases each year. Your lack of experience with this type of matter may impact your ability to obtain a fair settlement. Let a lawyer help you understand what fair compensation should be in your particular matter. Do not rely on the insurance company propaganda for your information.

*Diminished Value is the loss in value of your car from a collision even after it has been repaired.